Cyber Risk Assessment 

  • Cyber Security Assessment is a high level review to identify the threats and risks, and evaluation of controls to protect information assets such as computers, networks, mobile devices, applications and data.  
  • Information Systmes (IS) Audit, is performed  when a more detailed review is needed of the security around all  technology exposure areas. Both the assessment and IS audit can prevent large losses due to cyber vulnerability or attack,  a major risk in the digital age.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Focus on Financial Risks and compliance across the enterprise, and includes risk identification, risk assessment, risk response and controls and monitoring. Cyber risk is an important aspect to be considered. 
  •  Business Continuity Plan or BCP would be needed to ensure that an organization can recover quickly from potential threats and disasters impacting operations in the even of a known or unknown risk like fire, flood or COVID-19 like situations. Support would be needed in development of the BCP document.

MYiCFO Capability

At MyiCFO, we provide comprehensive solutions to protect you from the negative impacts of business disruptions. MYiCFO has professionals who are qualified as Chartered Accountants (India & UK) and with added expertise in cyber security, IT and ERP software such as SAP,  to provide the right mix of knowledge and skills needed.