Cyber Risk Assessment 

Cyber Security Assessment is a high level review to identify the threats and risks and the evaluation of controls to protect information assets such as computers, networks, servers, mobile devices, applications and data.  The cyber security assessment can be an input an Information Systems (IS) Audit which is a more detailed examination. Both the assessment and audit can prevent large losses due to cyber risks in the digital age. 

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

The BCP plan ensures that an organization can recover, in the short term as well as longer time horizon, from potential threats and disasters impacting systems and operations in the even of a known or unknown risk like fire, flood or COVID-19 like situations. The CFO has a key responsibility to ensure the BCP exists and is adequately tested. Support is needed in development of the Business Continuity Planning document.

MYiCFO Capability

MYiCFO has professionals who are qualified as Chartered Accountants (India & UK) and with expertise in cyber security, IT and ERP / SAP implementation to provide the right mix of domain knowledge and IT skills needed.