Business Entity Structure

Advice on the type of Business Entity to be setup, namely, sole proprietorship, partnership firm, Limited liability partnership (LLP) and company structure. This decision needs to consider various factors such as the ease of operations, ownership structure, business liability, taxation optimization, and funding ability.  

Techno-Economic Viability & Business Plan

Develop a Business Plan which is required to understand the risks and returns in new projects, and may also be required by banks and financial institutions to make the lending decision. The plan can initially focus to determine the techno-economic viability (TEV) and, if viability is established, we can perform a detailed project report (DPR). The business plan includes details such as management capability, technical feasibility, market potential, SWOT analysis and financial analysis. If a basic business plan already exists, we can review the financial forecasts and advise on additional content that should be included, considering the target audience. 

Funding Support: Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) Report 

Develop a CMA Report that is needed to submit to the bank for getting funding. The CMA report, also called CMA Data is required by banks to understand the flow and application of funds and the business viability. The CMA report contains the past, present and projected figures put in a format prescribed by the bank or RBI with the required financial analysis and ratios, based on realistic assumptions.  Statement and Ratio Analysis. 

Our Capability

MYiCFO team has MBA’s and professionals qualified as CMA / CA/ CPA’s  with the required expertise who can prepare Feasibility Studies and Business Plans, and Financial Projections that can aid in funding. Where required, there is expertise in business entity structuring. The team can connect customers with funding sources and provide support needed.