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Financial and Digital solutions, delivered globally, to support the ‘Office of the Chief Finance Officer’

 CFO advisory services, offered Globally

The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) performs many strategic, decision making and oversight functions. The CFO and the finance and accounting team needs to ensure that management controls are effective, financial systems and processes are optimized, monthly close is timely, and strategic level decisions are supported. 

However, many Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME) may not be able to afford a full time CFO initially in their journey, or the services from large consulting firms are too expensive. Sometimes, there is no CFO or Financial Controller role, or a CFO exists, but does not have bandwidth or expertise to complete the broad range of functions expected from the role. 

The MYiCFO team, has a specialized range of experts in finance, accounting, taxation, valuation, risk management, business insight and digital technology, and can help perform many core functions that fall within the responsibility of the CFO, in the form of Virtual CFO services, specifically designed for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME), on a ‘On-Demand’ and ‘Pay-Per-Use’ basis, globally.

MYiCFO focuses on cost effective solutions that support the financial operations and finance-led transformations at SME companies across industry segments.


Business Plan & Funding Support


Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)


Valuation of Business & Securities


Tax Planning & Compliance


Cyber Security & Risk Management


Digital Transformation
CFO Services Tailored to your Business Need

Enabling your business to be Future Ready

For Startup or Small Business

  • You have worked hard to bring your vision to reality. If you want to reach the next stage of growth, don’t waste precious hours and money on areas that are not your strength.
  • With the expertise of MYiCFO, you will have more time and energy to focus on your business challenges as a startup.


For Medium or Growing Business

  • Your business might be mid-sized, but the goals and needs are large.  Your ability to grow, and keep growing, should be your top priority.
  • That’s why MYiCFO provides companies of all sizes with flexible financial and digital services. When it’s time to scale or pivot, you will already have the technology and expertise you need.

Service Packages Tailored To Your Need

Typical MYiCFO engagements can take the form of Virtual CFO Interim CFO or Special Purpose CFO with packages that blend a mix of expertise level and time needed. Services are designed to deliver the outcomes requested. The cost is transparent, and inline wth budget considerations. We agree on the scope, and then choose a package and the expertise, which may be one individual or a team, tailored to the specific need to work with you, the customer, in a seamless manner.

The Virtual CFO may be needed when the business grows and needs senior level expertise but cannot afford a full time CFO. Depending on the size and stage of the company, we provide a flexible engagement model, thereby giving the opportunity to tailor the services based on need.
Virtual CFO
Jane Austin
Sometimes companies require expertise to immediately to take over the CFO responsibilities. This could happen when the CFO quits or unavailable for a long period of time. Our interim CFO will work in a flexible mode, with a combination of onsite and remote, as mutually agreed.
Interim CFO
Jude Doe
Multiple important projects at the same time can put immense pressure on your existing CFO and finance team. Get help from MYiCFO. Our expert works along with your existing team, as long as needed, to manage and execute these projects with great efficiency.
Special Purpose CFO
Barbara Jenkins

About Us

MYiCFO is a boutique CFO services provider powered by the expertise of a firm of management consultants and chartered accountants, established in 1955.

The team includes MBAs, CA/CPA, Management Accountants and IT professionals. Their collective experience include many years at ‘Big 4’ Accounting and Consulting firms and Fortune 1000 global companies.

Delivering Trust and Results

We blend the use of information technology along with subject matter expertise to provide value based and personalized solutions. We promote professionalism, quality and long lasting relationships.

High Quality

Services delivered globally by professionals who are qualified as MBA and CA, and with extensive experience in finance and business

Customized Services

A range services from business planning, taxation, valuation and process optimization are offered in different engagement options

Significant Savings

Through global outcome based service delivery and pricing, the cost saving is significant, especially using virtual technology

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