Valuation for Business or Financial Assets

Preparation of a Valuation Report per standards of valuation with the right blend of analysis, expertise and judgement. Example situations:

  • Merger, amalgamation or restructuring (M&A)
  • Acquisition of minority shareholding by existing shareholders 
  • Valuation for internal decisions, new funding or an exit via IPO
  • Regulatory per Companies Act, SEBI Regulations, Income Tax
Valuation Methodology Advisory

Support the business valuation exercise of the company such as recommending the accepted valuation methodology and valuation process and guidance on making realistic financial cash flow projections for the valuation of the business.

MYiCFO Capability

MYiCFO business and financial experts have exposure to global financial markets and techniques in valuation of business. In India, only a Registered Valuer (RV) can provide a valuation report under certain sections in Income Tax Act, FEMA, SEBI, and Companies Act. Our team includes RV’s for valuation of Securities and Financial Assets, qualified by India’s IBBI / Companies Act / Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI).