Valuation Report for Securities or Financial Assets

The valuation report needs to be based on objective and independent analysis and prepared after a detailed review per standards of valuation that is approved by regulatory agencies and understanding of the value drivers of the business. In India, a qualified Registered Valuer (RV) can provide valuations under various statutory acts such as Income Tax Act and Companies Act, such as in  the following cases : 

  • Issue of new shares to shareholders under Section 62
  • Merger, amalgamation or restructuring (M&A) under Section 230-232
  • Acquisition of minority shareholding under Section 236
  • Buyback of shares from some or all shareholders under Section 68
  • Liquidation of a company under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Typical valuation requests are in the case of a startup or profit making business seeking new funding or visualizing an exit strategy via an IPO or M&A.

Valuation Methodology Advisory

In some cases,  support may be needed for the business valuation exercise such as on the accepted valuation methodology and valuation process and guidance on making financial projections needed for valuation report.

Our Capability

The MYiCFO team includes Registered Valuer (RV) for Financial Assets & Securities, qualified per IBBI/ Companies Act 2013 and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The RV is qualified to prepare the  valuation report as per international standards and the companies act and income tax act.